u kno what rly suck 

when ur porportions are off and your art look like poopies

so i made this little guide for myself and some chibis and thought i would share with all you lovelies :)))))

i hope it can help even one person!!!

click to make bigger ok


So to those that might not get many asks or just dont know what pose they might want to do here is the Palette-Pose Maker!!

Palette: [x]
Poses: a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h

And I think it goes without saying that if you get a number+letter that dont exist pick again!


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Anonymous asked:
its not safe to go out for a run in my area and i cant afford a gym membership can i lose wieght without exercise?


In short, yes you can lose weight without exercise! 
However, I hate to sound rude or like a bitch or whatever, but those reasons sound like excuses to me!

My gym membership ran out and I didn’t get a new one, and I can’t go out for a run or anything in my area either because it’s not safe! But I still exercise!!! I do workout videos, there are so many fun ones and people upload them to youtube so you don’t even have to pay!

And if you’re worried about your roommates or family hearing you work out and getting embarrassed there is even quiet cardio videos based around exercises that still get fat burning, but wont make any noises. 

So no excuses! 

Here are some really good workouts for you to do at home:

(I’ve gone out and searched my favourite videos and took time to do it- so now you can’t say no ;D )

  • Billy Blanks (great kickboxing videos)



  • Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

            - (level 1)

           - (level 2)

  • Victorias Secret Workouts

             - (cardio workout)

            -  (Butt workout)

           - (abs workout)

          - (legs)

  • Mari Winsor Pilates (the pilates Miley Cyrus does)

           - (20 minute workout)

          - (Buns n Thighs)

          - (Ab sculpting)

  • Denise Austin

            - (kick boxing fat blast)

           - (total body fat blast)

  • Blogilates 

           - I recommend choosing any of her videos, but here are some QUIET CARDIO that she does: 




  • Dance inspired workouts

           - (pump it up)

          - (ministry of sounds/ pump it up)

           - (dance yourself thin)


I feel like you now have no excuses! :)
Have fun and good luck!      





Exercise 26: Shading Gems Results
Check out the results of our Shading Gems exercise here along with the explanation to create your own HERE!

I love this tutorial SO MUCH.


Thanks for all the likes on Satsuki! I finally got to scanning Mankanshoku, but the sketchbook is too big.. (I also cropped the part I liked, because the rest is crappy).

I think I will keep these huge sketchbooks as practice sketching and costume design… Use the normal sized one for drawings worth scanning..  I will probably redraw/finish this digitally…

My logo has existed for three years, and I haven’t used it much.. but I thought I’d plaster it on anyway… MY TABLET ARRIVED THIS MORNING!



The Lip Tutorial~~~

The final part is on my Livestream the first minute is me trying to remember how to use it.

I also answered some asks:

Read More


Myths, Creatures, and Folklore



Want to create a religion for your fictional world? Here are some references and resources!



Daily (or Weekly) Sketch/Doodle 1 : Satsuki Kiryuin - Kill la Kill

Second doodle of Satsuki - I was impatient with her eyes so it came out looking completely generic and shit. So I regret the result… Gave up on the pose I wanted to draw.. I’m extra tired anyway. 

…. My goal is to draw a full (or nearly full) body drawing.. before I try to draw sailor scouts.. Going to stop using my favorite pen cus it’s almost out of ink… I’ll just use my favorite super black lead..


I haven’t drawn fanart for many years… so I tried to draw Satsuki Kiryuin (shortly after another shitty doodle).. I kind-of succeeded! Usually whoever I want to try to draw, doesn’t turn out. So this turning out, is a strange miracle in itself…

Pictures taken with my phone.. She lookskinda funny as a result..
Drawn with blue pencil / black ballpoint pen.

Newest and only fanart doodle I have done in the past couple years, up on my main blog.. I’m going to start and try doing daily to weekly doodles..? I am unsure if I should keep them on my main, or put them on this side blog.. maybe I will do both?

My sister is insisting I try and actually start drawing and completing works - even get back into doing some digital stuff and possibly start selling my work.. I don’t know if I could do any of that to be honest.. I don’t find my work good enough for that stuff  Σ(ಠิωಠิ|||)…??

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